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Farsi subtitles

Short information videos with Farsi subtitles about PTSD for you as a relative.

A personal story told by a PTSD patient and a relative

In this short interview we meet Khaled, who suffers from PTSD, and his wife, Rouda. Khaled fled to Denmark in 2013 from the war in Syria, and in 2015 his spouse and children came to Denmark by reunification. Khaled and Rouda tell the interviewer how PTSD influences their daily lives and how they support and involve each other in relation to Khaled’s PTSD

A personal story told by a young relative of a parent with PTSD

In this short reportage we meet Bahra, who is a young 19-year-old student. Bahra is born and raised in Denmark, but her father is from Kurdistan and fled to Denmark in the 1980s due to the war between Iran and Iraq. In the reportage, Bahra tells about her upbringing, and how it changed her life, when she at the age of 13 was told that her father suffers from PTSD.

An animated cartoon for children about PTSD

In this animated cartoon for children we meet Chris, who one day experiences something at the playground that he needs Birger Granddad to help understand – because Birger Granddad knows almost everything about everything. Chris’ best friend is Palle, and it turns out that Palle’s parents have fled from war and suffer from PTSD. Birger Granddad tells the children about PTSD and helps Palle and the other children return to having fun and playing at the playground.