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Farsi subtitles

Short information videos with Farsi subtitles about PTSD for you as a patient.

A personal story told by a former PTSD patient

In this short interview we meet Chris Babak, a former PTSD patient, who fled to Denmark from Iran in 1985. Chris Babak tells the interviewer how he has experienced his PTSD and how treatment has helped him recover and regain a good life.

A personal story told by a PTSD patient and a relative

In this short interview we meet Khaled, who suffers from PTSD, and his wife, Rouda. Khaled fled to Denmark in 2013 from the war in Syria, and in 2015 his spouse and children came to Denmark by reunification. Khaled and Rouda tell the interviewer how PTSD influences their daily lives and how they support and involve each other in relation to Khaled’s PTSD.

A psychologist informs about treatment of PTSD at ATT

In this short video, a psychologist informs about treatment at the Department for Survivors of Trauma and Torture (ATT) in Southern Denmark, and how stabilizing- and trauma focused courses can support the recovery process of patients suffering from PTSD.